The SchoOPC-server is a modular and scalable server application for connection over OPC (Open Connectivity). Supported standards:

  • OPC DA 1.0a,
  • OPC DA 2.05,
  • OPC DA  3.0,
  • OPC AE 1.0,
  • OPC AE 1.1 (limitations see below).
  • OPC UA 1.02

The process connection is realised through special device drivers, of which a couple is available as a demo-version or as a free version that´s included in the standard installation.

We develop OPC-servers for our clients. 

You need an OPC-server for your devices or applications, contact us and we prepare an offer about the devopment of your OPC-server.


Currently available device drivers.

  • S7-driver for Simatic S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, Siemens LOGO! 0BA7 and 0BA8, Simatic Net and MHJ S7 Soft-SPS.
  • Modbus/TCP-Slaves.
  • Conrad / Velleman K8055-/VM110-USB experimenting boards.
  • Rotronic HygroFlex HF 4x/5x temperature and moisture sensor.
  • EtherCat-Master.
  • System information.
  • Telecontrol central station DIN EN / IEC 60870-5-104.
  • HygroFlex HF 4x/5x-series with TCP/IP


Technical characteristics of the SchoOPC-server:

  • OPC Data Access-conformity according to OPC DA 1.0a, OPC DA 2.05, OPC DA 3.0, OPC AE 1.0, OPC AE 1.1 and OPC UA 1.02.
  • Free OPC test-client for OPC DA and OPC AE, usable for all für all compatible OPC-servers.
  • OPC-Client-compatability tested with many OPC-Clients.
  • Compatible with Windows 2000®, Windows XP®, Windows XP Embedded®, Windows 2003 Server®, Windows Vista®, Windows 2008 Server®, Windows 7®, Windows 2012 Server®, Windows 8® and Windows 8.1®.
  • Simple installation and Windows-registry. Keine No additional components necessary (z. B. MFC-DLLs or .NET-Framework®). When necessary usage of portable media possible, e.g. USB-Memory-Sticks (no installation necessary, but Windows-registry).
  • Easy operation and learnability.
  • Scalabe for devices, groups and articles.
  • Modular und unlimited expansions in terms of device interface.
  • SchoOPC Excel-Addin for direkt integration of OPD-data in Microsoft Excel.
  • Multi language (German, Englisch) on OPC-Client site.
  • extensive diagnosis possibilities
  • Client friendly licence model, licensing via device driver. Demo and free licences.
  • Optimised speed of execution and minimised storage and recourse demand.
  • Real Multi-CPU-support on Multi-Core- or Multi-CPU-PCs.
  • Consistent renunciation of additional components like .NET-Framework® or MFC-DLLs, that causes run time problems*1.
  • Low system requirements to memory and CPU-speed and usable on nearly every Windows-PCs since Windows 2000®.
  • 14 years experience (1998-2012) with the development of OPC-servers and OPC-clients.
  • cost effective

*1 Some device driver need additional components. By choosing additional components attention was paid to simple installation, optimum speed and avoidance of run time problems.

In Preparation

  • SchoOPC ActiveX-Control for direct website integration.

OPC HDA is OPC-standard for alarms (Alarm & Events) or data archiving (Historical Data Access).
OPC HDA is rarely requested, because most HMIs or SCADAS (see WinErs) already have similar possibilities and only few OPC HDA-clients are available.

When interested in an OPC HDA, please contact us.








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