We offer educational software for training in control engineering, in which various controllers may be tested on different applications. All signals are stored and may be analysed afterewards.

In english language we offer the following products:

  • Practical Training on Control Engineering I: This program is a simulation application which can be used to practise and analyse the field of closed loop control engineering in vocational training. It involves basic applications like liquid level control and more difficult ones like a mixing container cascade.
  • Practical Training on Control Engineering II: Learn the basics of closed-loop control engineering using this simulation application and examine the behaviour of the following controllers: P, I, PI, PID and three-position controller.
  • LC2030 Training: With the LC2030-Training, tasks from the field of open-loop and closed-loop control technology can be edited.
  • ControlBoard-LT: Learn and understand the fundamentals of closed-loop control technology with the ControlBoard-LT and the related learning software.
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